MySQL Development

MySQL is a relational database management system. Databases are constructed on servers. Developers use SQL (Structured Query Language) to interact with databases. Databases are great for storing things like customer information, product inventories, and login credentials. Once the information is stored in the database, it can be presented in a multitude of ways. For example, we can make a web page with only blue widgets and another with only red widgets, yet both of these pages may pull their content from the same database. Databases can be extremely flexible and useful for creating dynamic content.

Unfortunately, databases are very appealing targets for hackers. This is because databases are rich with valuable information, and many databases around the Internet have been deployed insecurely. If a web-application is not properly filtering and validating each and every interaction with the database, it is trivial for an attacker to gain full-control of the database. He or she may then steal the data and/or eradicate it.

I am a Chicago based MySQL developer. I can design and create a relational database system to assist you in your mission. Whether you are collecting customer information or managing inventory, I can help you implement a system of databases that will work for you. More importantly, I can write webpages in PHP that will allow you to securely interact with your databases and tables over the Internet. Are you dreaming of a project that would work better with databases? I can help you bring your dream to life.

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