JavaScript Development

JavaScript is a client-side language. That means that JavaScript code gets executed in the browser, not the server. We cannot trust that JavaScript code will run the way that we have written it. Some people have JavaScript turned off in their browsers. Every browser implements JavaScript differently. And the visitor can edit or alter the JavaScript code that we send them. For these reasons, JavaScript should not be used to validate data for anything other than superficial uses. That said, JavaScript is awesome!

JavaScript brings the web to life. It is useful for animations, generating dynamic content after page loads, triggering events, and so much more. Pretty much anytime something cool happens on a webpage after it has been loaded, it is because of JavaScript.

I am a Chicago based JavaScript developer. I am particularly experienced with ImpactJS, a video game and application development engine using JavaScript. I've developed numerous video games and applications using ImpactJS. I also have some experience using jQuery, the world's most popular JavaScript library; however, my favorite flavor of JavaScript is plain old vanilla. If you are dreaming of a project that requires a JavaScript programmer, you should contact me. I can help you make it happen.

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