Linux Administration

Linux has grown rapidly since its inception, perhaps because it is free. For real. You can download a copy right now and change your operating system to Linux. Of course, it's not quite as user-friendly as a Windows or OS X system, but it's great for webservers.

Setting up a Linux-based webserver requires some knowledge. One usually installs a LAMP stack, which consists of the programs that actually serve web pages. One must configure each of those programs. Then the administrator should setup a firewall by configuring rules for the IP tables. This will help protect one's server against attacks and unauthorized access. A good adminstrator will also setup logging and a system for backing up data. And, perhaps most importantly, a good administrator will keep your server updated regularly to patch up exploits.

I am a Chicago based Linux administrator. I can help you setup a customized, cloudbased Linux server to deliver your webpages. I can create clusters of servers for high-availability applications, when a project demands zero-downtime. And I can create small, scalable server installations that can grow alongside your business. Contact me now and we can begin planning the infrastructure that will power the website or web-based application of your dreams.

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