PHP Development

PHP is a server-side language. That means that code written in PHP runs before it gets to the client. Since PHP code runs on the server, we can trust it to run the way that we have written it. No one can modify PHP code without access to the server. This makes PHP an ideal language for processing form data and other user inputs. PHP can also be used to interact with databases, process AJAX requests, and make HTML code modular.

Websites are structured in HTML. PHP makes HTML reusable and dynamic. For example, every page on this website uses the same header file, a single PHP file that contains all of the information that one would expect to be in the header. If I need to make a change to the header, I only have to change the header file instead of every page on the site.

I am an experienced PHP developer based in Chicago. I can write and implement secure login systems, data collection forms, and shopping cart applications. I can build databases and create secure webforms and pages to interact with them.

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